Few Words & Food Photos

How was your week? Along with the rest of the world mine had some ups & downs. I really need to stop reading the news and those awful Facebook stories about dog abuse. Hey people-stop posting those awful graphic stories or I will unfriend you.


To the rescue of the doom & gloom was some fun end of the week socializing with friends, children and my gorgeous gran-dog…..here is what got me through. Hope you don’t mind a food photo op or as some like to post, “food porn”.


How about a full on flavor robust chili to warm your heart



A perfectly cooked steak and crispy salted potato strings

Seems like I am all about the beef this week, but that is what looked good in the grocery store; that is the way I roll. However, I had to make something extra special for Sam’s (the best son in law ever) 30th birthday…..


wild American sweet pink shrimp


Love my people. Love my dogs. Love to cook. Have a great week everybody.


Click on the links in the captions for the recipes.