Will’s Art & Super Bowl Recipe

IMG_7286William was a wonderfully creative boy, but it isn’t anything he would have ever admitted to nor would he approve of me writing about it. Being “artistic” was definitely a word he associated more with his sister than himself and unless forced he would have never signed up for an art class.


A rare photo of William doing something artsy with best buddy Brian at cub scout camp

Luckily, (for me) he was required to take at least 2 art classes in high school. As a freshman football player he chose “dance for athletes” and ceramics.


a boy dancing around a camp fire

His ceramic pieces are so precious and give great insight into who he was. I am grateful to his teacher who allowed such expression in these beautiful tiles. Hunting, camp fires, the woods….he lived these scenes.


On the hunt

Morning, noon and night. Winter, spring, summer and fall. The boy was creative and artistic and I suppose always longing to be in the woods rather than in school.


In his sights

Wish I had understood that better back then and I wish I wasn’t telling this story now.


Another successful day in the woods

Is this football season? I don’t follow sports, but it seems to me that after New Year’s Eve and the Rose Bowl parade that most folks set their sights on the Super Bowl or at least recipes for the big game day party. So, here is an easy, yet, creative ( if you Will) recipe for a salty-sweet treat that any boy or sports enthusiast will love. A one bite treat that won’t break the calorie bank either. IMG_7334

Chocolate Covered Salted Caramel & Peanut Butter Pretzel Balls

  • Servings: 2 to 3 dozen
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½ cup crushed salted pretzels

¼ cup powdered sugar

¼ cup salted caramel peanut butter spread

1-tablespoon soft butter

½ cup chocolate melts (Ghirardelli brand recommended)

½ tablespoon coconut oil

fleur de sel

Mix pretzels, powdered sugar, peanut butter spread and butter; chill . Shape into 1-inch round balls or footballs. In small bowl, in microwave, melt chocolate and coconut oil, stirring every 30 seconds until smooth. Dip balls to coat and place on wax paper to set. Sprinkle immediately with salt. Decorate with fondant laces, if making footballs.