A Journey within The Journey

Good day my readers. I could not help but want to reblog this post from an old and dear friend who is an incredibly talented and gifted cook. In fact, Steven is cooking his way across America hosting a dinner party in every state of the union. His blog post was the first thing I saw when I opened my computer this morning. Naturally, I reached for the box of kleenex and immediately went into an unplanned baking frenzy. Here is what Steven shared. ❤


A heart-warming small-world moment: In December I posted the story about the Keys family. Bill and Lisa Keys hosted me in Pennsylvania, but our friendship extended a decade back to when we were living in Connecticut. The journey to their home in Eastern PA involved many stops along the way and people who’ve shared in the grieving of William, their son. While staying in DC a couple of days ago, my hosts returned from a party and gave me this bracelet that they had received from someone who was close to William. That person probably had read the story about William’s family, found out I was staying with my hosts, and wanted to pass it along, this reminder of someone who still means a lot to many of us. He had been wearing it for a long time. If you read the story, the person who gave me the bracelet is Elinore’s brother.

Le Mobile Feast

Twenty-seven states into the LMF route I finally arrived at Bill and Lisa’s house in Kennett Square, PA. And it was my second time driving into the state. The first time through Pennsylvania, I was heading north from Maryland and bad timing prevented Lisa and Bill from hosting a dinner party at their home. I chose to proceed onto New York without visiting my old friends, promising them and myself that I would do so on the return leg. More than any other hosts thus far, Lisa and Bill had been with me in spirit throughout this journey. As a competitive cook and blogger, she was encouraging me from the beginning and frequently commented on and shared my blog posts with others.

Lisa and I met when I was teaching at The Taft School, in Watertown, Connecticut. I had just left active duty in the Navy to take an English teaching job…

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Mystery of a Broken Heart

A poem for this day. 
Henry David Thoreau
Let us agree

for now

that we will not say

the breaking

makes us stronger

or that it is better

to have this pain

than to have done

without this love.
Let us promise

we will not

tell ourselves

time will heal

the wound,

when every day

our waking

opens it anew.
Perhaps for now

it can be enough

to simply marvel

at the mystery

of how a heart

so broken

can go on beating,

as if it were made

for precisely this—
as if it knows

the only cure for love

is more of it,
as if it sees

the heart’s sole remedy

for breaking

is to love still,
as if it trusts

that its own

persistent pulse

is the rhythm

of a blessing

we cannot

begin to fathom

but will save us


A Tribute to My Brother

Here we go again Matino family. Saying good-bye to another larger than life family member. In a blink of an eye everything changes and nothing will ever be the same at a family gathering. Damn that empty chair. Just breathe.


My brother Charlie has always been the life of the party. Great dancer and story teller he always had us out on the floor and laughing. Generous of time, energy and his wallet he welcomed all he knew into his circle. In addition to his wife and kids, no one loved him more than his brothers, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, friends, neighbors….oh, wait-EVERYBODY loved Charlie.


My kids especially adored him. William looked up to the guy who served his country in the National Guard and Caitlin always felt the love in his presence. On our visits to his home William relished the nights he and Charlie would stay up late watching horse races and betting on the trotters.

My brother never went to college, but through back breaking work as a garbage man built a successful business with my dad. He worked hard for his family and never hesitated to  share his success with whoever was in need. His generous spirit lives on in his loving and caring wife, Evelyn, and his amazing sons Jay and Michael.


Until we meet again big brother. I will always love you and thank you for all you did to care for my family and make me a better person. No sister has ever felt more loved.