For Your Meditation

“Whenever someone sorrows, I do not say, “forget it,” or “it will pass,” or “it could be worse” — all of which deny the integrity of the painful experience. But I say, to the contrary, “It is worse than you may allow yourself to think. Delve into the depth. Stay with the feeling. Think of it as a precious source of knowledge and guidance. Then and only then will you be ready to face it and be transformed in the process.” ~ Peter Koestenbaum

4 thoughts on “For Your Meditation

    • so many have lost loved ones recently…I think this is the best advice I can offer knowing what I know ❤

  1. Words of wisdom for sure. FYI, I dreamed about Will last night. He was sitting at my mom’s house (on her old couch that she hasn’t had in years) holding a piece of white paper. He had something he wanted to tell me but I never heard what he wanted to say because I was suddenly somewhere else that had nothing to do with him or my mom’s house. Crazy dream. (he looked good by the way, handsome as ever) ❤

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