Never A Good Time To Say Good-Bye

black dog peeking over edge of sofa

Good and faithful friends are hard to find, but saying good-bye to one is even harder.

they shared the same birthday

It’s been 15 years since this sweet fur baby found her forever home with us. She was discovered abandoned in a box on a soccer field in Winston-Salem, NC. At the time, my daughter was a college student there at Wake Forest University, home to the Demon Deacons. With school colors of black and gold, it was a natural fit to name this rambunctious puppy, Deacon.

She did have a certain fashion sense like her sister

For all those pet lovers out there I know you get it when I say that Deacon wasn’t just a pet, but a full-fledged member of the family. Her status as “third child” well-deserved. Like most children she loved nothing more than a few good treats, play time and praise. And like a child she was pretty much this mama’s shadow, not wanting to be in my lap, but just keeping me in her sights.

under-foot in the kitchen hoping I drop something good to eat

This was a heart-wrenching week as we made the decision along with the Vet to euthanize our beloved dog. I have never felt such selfish guilt in my heart even though my brain knew it was the right thing to do. As I sat scratching her neck in the Vet’s exam room I was grateful for sharing one last walk around the garden with her, letting her snack on some cheese and telling her how much I loved her. I told her how great it would be to see her brother now.

William’s Homecoming

Here is the link to a previous blog post featuring Deacon’s favorite homemade dog biscuits.

18 thoughts on “Never A Good Time To Say Good-Bye

  1. Tough end of life decision to make for a dear member of the family. Nobody can put a value on a pet, so I grieve with you for the loss of your wonderful dog, Deacon. Lexie is getting close to the end of the road, too. We have a dog whisperer in our neighborhood who told me that she is not ready to go yet, and she needs my permission to leave this world. She still enjoys eating so much that she is just not there yet. Hard decisions.

    • It is so difficult to know their level of pain and suffering, but Deacon showed clear signs with incontinence, significant weight loss and weakness in her legs that caused her to lose balance. She otherwise seemed happy to just be, thus, the heart-wrenching decision. The price we pay in sadness for the love of a good pet is high. Wishing you and Lexie a peace as you navigate this one.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about Deacon, she was such a beloved part of your family for many years. What a great life she had with all of you! It is so heart wrenching when we have to make that decision to put them down, even when we know it’s time. I feel for you and Bill and am sending warm hugs your way. A boy and his dog are reunited for sure. ❤

    • Really hope those two along with Colleen are running around the woods somewhere….only good thoughts ❤

  3. One ot the saddest realities of life is that this is always how it ends. Deacon was a great companion and had such a good temperament. We will miss her. I’m very sorry for your loss but grateful that you and Bill gave her 15 wonderful years when it could have turned out much differently for her. Best wishes.

    • I can’t say enough about how great rescue dogs are and will always be grateful that both of our dogs lived 15 wonderful years…totally worth the heartache in the end.

  4. Oh Lisa…this is one of the hardest decisions. I have had to do it several times, but it breaks your heart every time. Having a vet you trust who can help you make the decision with your dear one in mind. Sending you and Bill love.

    • Thank you Bonnie. Yes, when your heart is so conflicted the Vet is such a key ingredient in the decision making process.

  5. Well great….the lump in my throat is strangling me, heartbroken and a sopping, weeping mess.
    Aren’t we a pair? I’d hug you if I could but know I’m heartbroken with you.

  6. I’m so sorry Lisa. It’s so hard.
    We lost our dog Murphy just a year after Aidan died
    The only thing that got us trough were the thoughts of him and AJ being together again
    I still cry when I think of Murphy sitting with me for hours quietly while I cried

  7. I just love the name Murphy and he sounds like such a loving and devoted boy. I agree that the only consolation is the thought of our boys and their dogs reuniting. Much love to you ❤

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