A Grief Poem

I love this artist….Kate Rainbow

I came across this lovely poem by Nancy Cross Dunham on the Modern Loss Facebook Page. I highly recommend this group for grief support.

what I’m learning about grief …

is that it need not be

a heavy gray shawl

to wrap myself in,

clutching my arms tightly

across my chest

nor …

need it be

a granite rock

that I should try

to push away

neither is it …

… at least, no longer …

a vast dark ocean

ready to pick me up

and slap me down

without warning

what I’m learning about grief …

is that it is not me,

but that it offers

to become a friend

a friend …

who will lightly lay a hand

on my shoulder

when tears come in the dark

a friend …

who will laugh

out loud with me

at remembered silly moments

a friend …

who can still hear

the music of our life

what I’m learning about grief …

is that this friend

doesn’t intend

to leave me

but promises

to hold my hand

to carry my memories

a friend …

who will bear witness to my love

as I venture

toward the next day

and the following night

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