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Last week I wrote of the symbolic nature of flowers. Look around your garden. What does it say about you? Plant some dill. It symbolizes power against evil. Every victory garden could use that power right about now. Nasturtium, too. Those edible peppery and sometimes fiery orange blossoms stand for patriotism. Do you love this country? How do you show it?

For those who knew William or have followed this blog I’m certain I don’t have to explain why dill and nasturtium remind me of him. I don’t know a soul (other than his military brothers) who love this country more and fought the good fight, so others could live free.

William on the left with two of his brothers.

Today, I praise the essential workers battling the evil of COVID19 especially my two nieces. Heather and Brenda are on the front lines as nurses in ICU units devoted to the care of those infected. I can’t imagine the mix of emotions associated with these essential jobs, but they do it. They pledge an allegiance to quality healthcare no matter the hardship. All any of us nonessentials can do is express our gratitude for their courage, dedication and willingness to fight the good fight…plus wash our hands and practice social distancing. This thing isn’t over, yet.

With its feathery leaves and delicate flowers dill is an essential herb that attracts beneficial predators to the garden. I guess that is how it got its reputation for fighting evil.

As much as I love this recipe as written desperate times call for desperate measures. These days #AmericaStrong we are all adapting to a new normal. Thankfully, this is a raid your pantry kind of recipe initially adapted from William-Sonoma’s web site. No puff pastry? No problem. Use any kind of pie dough or even a pre-made pizza crust, flour tortillas or naan…hey! it is an international situation we are in so be brave and use whatever. Same goes for fresh tomatoes. Any fresh vegetable will do, but if it is crunchy like broccoli, blanch it first. Onions? Caramelize them first. Canned tomatoes? Drain them and pat them dry. Same for cheese and herbs…just do you and don’t forget to plant some seeds.

Fresh Tomato Tart with Feta & Dill

  • Servings: 4 to 6
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

1 sheet frozen puff pastry, thawed

fresh tomatoes, thinly sliced

kosher salt

6 oz. crumbled feta cheese

1 Tbs. chopped fresh dill

 freshly ground pepper, herb oil and freshly grated parmesan cheese

Heat an oven to 400°F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Sprinkle both sides of tomatoes lightly with salt and place in a single layer on paper towels. Let them stand 15 to 30 minutes for paper towels to absorb some of their moisture.

Unfold the puff pastry sheet on a lightly floured work surface. Roll out into a 9-by-13-inch rectangle about 1/8 inch thick. Transfer the dough to the prepared baking sheet. Using a fork, prick (or dock) the pastry all over. Fold over 1/2 inch of the pastry all the way around the edge.

Arrange the tomatoes and cheese evenly on top of the pastry rectangle. Sprinkle evenly with the dill and some freshly ground black pepper. Drizzle with a little herb oil and parmesan.

Bake until the pastry is puffed and golden brown, about 20 minutes. Remove from the oven and transfer to a work surface. Cut the tart into pieces and serve.

15 thoughts on “What’s In Your Garden Plan

  1. Such a beautiful and thought provoking post. And another delicious recipe to place on my list of “will definitely make this!”
    Happy Easter and God Bless ❤️

  2. Happy Easter Lisa
    I feel that when you lose a child you’ve already faced the end of the world and somehow this whole thing seems to be a little less scary
    I know for so many this is a time filled with terror and fear of the unknown but I feel an incredible sense of calm because I’ve learned that there are some things that are just beyond my control and I cannot let that control me
    This would’ve been my Aidan’s graduation year and though I ache for his friends who just want normalcy, I am also happy to have this time with my husband and daughter and. even though Kyle is far away I feel an even deeper connection with him he is being smart and I love him for that
    I made brioche from scratch yesterday and it turned out perfectly. Thanks Aidan❤️
    Sending you love and peace on this Easter Day my friend and happy thoughts of how our independent boys would’ve handled this crazy time

    • Thank you for sharing your heart here. You write so beautifully and always validate exactly what I feel. Those boys of ours….I sure wonder what they would be doing now. Happy Easter dear lady ❤

      ps: love that you are baking bread…so popular right now

  3. I can’t wait to plant my herbs and will be sure to include dill along with lemon thyme, oregano and basil, our “go to” herbs. Might give the nasturtium a shot too. That picture of William sitting on his bunk is so intense, I couldn’t stop staring into those eyes of his. Sure do miss that boy of yours.
    Sending you big hugs this April, I know it’s a tough month. ❤

  4. Beautiful tart and a beautiful post. I pray for your nieces as they expose themselves everyday to heal the sick.

    • Thank you for the prayers. These ladies and so many others sure need them right now. ❤ And you stay well, too!

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