Good Grief A Beach House

It’s been 3,079 days since I lost my son and two years to the day, I bought a beach house because of a rock. Yes, you read it. A rock, but not just any rock. Seriously, grief makes one do crazy, impulsive things that you never thought you would or could. It’s true. 

If you follow the blog, I suspect you already know the effect the rock had on me, but for the others, let me explain. I believe my son died before he was ready to go and with that keeps a presence here. There wasn’t a day that went by that he did not end a conversation with an “I love you” and thus he continues to show himself to me with an occasional heart sign. I call these moments “whoosh” and along with seeing a heart I feel a squeeze in my chest as if he is hugging me.

So, it was two years ago while on a vacation I happened upon a house just a few doors down from our rental that was for sale. Just for fun, my husband and I took a walk through the house never intending to buy it, but as we were leaving the property there was this rock nestled in the crushed shells of the driveway. I gravitated to it and my husband immediately said, “he wants us to buy this house.” The rest is history.

The beach house has been a large part of the grief journey not only for me, but for my husband. The property is a stunning, peaceful wildlife refuge on one side with gentle ocean waves on the other. Surrounded by nature it’s a birder’s paradise with nesting osprey, herons and eagles plus all the sea creatures one can imagine.

There is also an 8-point buck that hangs out. He is here.

Swayed by emotion? Trust your instincts. Find your refuge.

22 thoughts on “Good Grief A Beach House

  1. Lisa, as I read your post through tear-filled eyes, once again you made my day. Thank you.

  2. I love this and I love you!!! So beautiful your find that day and even more beautiful that you heard Will’s message loud and clear. What an incredible journey that house has been for you and your family already. So much more to come and to enjoy! ♥️

    • Huge compliment dear friend. I think about you all the time. I so appreciate you checking in here today. I wish you could have known my son. We were so close! I love you, too, dear sister from another mother.

  3. Hi Lisa, I’m so happy that you have found your place for peace and strength among the brokenness. Thank you for sharing. XOXO

  4. I love this!!! ❤️❤️❤️ I think impulse is actually a gentle (or not so gentle) nudge from them to keep going

  5. Just love this story so much…from the first time you told me soon after you bought the house to reading it again here in the blog. That boy is with you no doubt in my mind! ❤

  6. I love this post and so believe in the magic moments when your loved one is relaying a message to you! What a great moment to have found that rock! What great memories you all will make there at that beach home! It sounds perfect!

  7. So amazed to hear how Will keeps rocking your world, in a good way. We keep him and you all in our hearts.

    • Thank you for remembering him. It no longer amazes me especially when I learn things like you finding the piece of Squibb sea glass during the time your daughter is getting married. For sure your dad was not ready to go either.

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