How to Celebrate a Life: TEDx Talk & Buttermilk Spice Cake

TEDx Talk is officially on ❤

Good Grief Cook

There is no better way to step outside one’s comfort zone than to give a TED talk. This is public speaking, “ideas worth spreading”, on steroids as there is no podium, a time constraint and using notes is not recommended. It takes courage and a village of support to get it done. As thankful and as proud as I can possibly be for successfully completing a TEDx talk at Furman University, I’m still going to lament the fact that I failed to convey one critical thought even though no one knew what I forgot to say. It’s about that CHOPPED competition. I really want you all to know this:

“What’s most remarkable about my CHOPPED experience is not that I won $10,000.00, but that the victory is the result of the pure love energy of my son.”

Happy birthday William. It’s your day tomorrow. I can’t think of a…

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10 thoughts on “How to Celebrate a Life: TEDx Talk & Buttermilk Spice Cake

  1. Happy birthday to Will. I have been walking aside a friend, who lost her son almost exactly one year ago. His birthday was yesterday. These days are so difficult. But you are so strong, to be able to turn a catastrophic loss into a way to inspire others! Kudos to you, Lisa! And many hugs, love, strengthen and peace on those really tough days. XOXO

    • I think if I had one of those Aladdin wishes it would be that not one more mom be a part of this club. Your friend is fortunate to have you next to her ❤

  2. Lisa,
    You continue to do the most amazing things. Putting your story out there in such a beautiful and heartfelt way is a huge accomplishment in your journey. I hope you keep getting those hugs from William whenever you need them most. I send my hugs to you, too, and I hope that you feel them as well.
    Love (including hugs!)

  3. Lisa,
    That was the most beautiful talk.You are truly amazing! I am so glad to hear that the military is changing the rules on sleep deprivation. You are making such a difference. Hearts all around you!

    • Because of the military change to combat the risk of sleep deprivation my heart rests a bit easier now. I would not want this kind of pain to happen to another ever.Thank you for listening. ❤

  4. Lisa, I was able to finally see your presentation. Amazing. You are a powerful, inspring lady.


  5. Lisa, I was able to finally see your presentation. Amazing. You are a powerful, inspiring lady.


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