Thank you 2018

Thankful for a year that brought me more peace than ever. The best news is learning the US Navy has recognized sleep deprivation as a rather big cause of military accidents on ships and across the board has put some rules into place to prevent further tragedy related to lack of sleep. It was early on in my blogging when I first wrote about that issue here.

I also enjoyed some really fun food experiences traveling to Oregon compliments of my Saucy Mama friends then to Alabama for the World Food Championships and most recently to New York City for a holiday baking challenge sponsored by Kellogg’s cereal where I got to hang out with these two.

My next big challenge happens in February and I dare say I will truly be out of my comfort zone. Have you heard of TEDx talks? I’ve been invited to give one at Furman University. The talk is titled, “How to Celebrate a Life A Food Blog”. Never in a million did I think this blog would lead me to the big stage. Surely taking the road less travelled and going public with my grief has allowed William’s light to shine brighter. May it never dim.

Happy New Year and thank you for hanging out with me.

34 thoughts on “Thank you 2018

  1. Happy New Year Lisa . You’re an inspiration to so many. Peace, joy and health in 2019. Looking forward to Tuscon. See you there

  2. Great news about the Navy. Reading that book Extreme Leadership indicated they seemed to operate with minimal sleep often. Glad they are fixing that.

    • Supposedly a sign of strength, but someone should always be looking out for them. Sleep deprivation is like driving drunk. Pretty sure no one would be steering a ship if they were plastered.

  3. Glad to hear the Navy finally recognized the impact sleep deprivation has on our military. Let us know when the ted talk is happening…onward and upward always my friend! ❤

    • I have not done any public speaking, so a bit nervous, but that is part of the mission-stepping out of the comfort.

  4. Lisa, I’ve said this so many times, but you are truly a wonderful role model, and a compassionate, thoughtful, exemplary person to be listened to! So glad that you made an impact with the military. And we’ll all be listening to your Ted talk! Good luck with that. I wish for strenght, peace, love and many tasty dishes for us all in 2019. xo

  5. You are an inspirational force to be reckoned with in everything you do. Wish I could hear your speech.

    • You are among those who have shaped who I am today. In fact, you are mentioned in my speech as well. It will be available on the university web site at some point.

    • The blog would not be what it is today had I not met you at that conference so many years ago. You are the kindest teacher!

  6. You are the most sincere person I know!
    This stage was built for you Lisa! Happy New Year

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