How Does Your Garden Grow


This week’s walk around the garden featured a few lovely surprises like this Asiatic lily. Multiple blooms on hearty stems peppered across the backyard truly stand out. Orange is the new black for a reason and so worth the dirt under my nails.


Aptly named “goat’s beard” this hearty shrub is a wonderful back drop to those colorful lillies. So worth my aching back.


Low growing dianthus spreads an electric pink carpet along the border. It’s sweet fragrance is just a bonus. So worth me feeling my age.


A shady area allows these astilbe to thrive. These feathery flowers come in many gorgeous colors. So worth the sweat on my brow.


I get pretty excited when the fruit and vegetables show themselves. Please local deer keep away!


Like small jewels these French strawberries are something special. I love them for breakfast or floating in a glass of wine come evening. The best is letting my granddaughter pick them. She pops them right into her mouth. How fun is that?


The rock garden features a bounty of succulents. Interesting shapes and colors and easy to care for “chicks and hens” are quite a contrast to the rest of the garden. They need no help from me to flourish.


Like all good things in the garden the perennials need to restore their root systems. After a bounty of delicious asparagus I must let some stalks mature into ferns. As they replenish themselves the ferns create the most lush green screen along the fence. Those unpicked spears grow about 6 feet tall and later develop eye-popping red berries.


Have a beautiful week. Plant some seeds. Stop and smell the roses. Tell someone you love them.


21 thoughts on “How Does Your Garden Grow

  1. Gorgeous flowers 🌸 Lisa, Rob tries so hard here but the hot sun & no rain it’s hard. Happy Father’s Day to Bill! ♥️

  2. What a beautiful and diverse garden you have! I have no asparagus knowledge so that was just fascinating. Please post more photos of the “asparagus progress”.

    • The asparagus starts out as 2 or 3 year old bare brown roots that are planted in shallow trenches. The asparagus grows but no harvest until the roots are about 4 years old and established. Then each year more and more Spears grow and I harvest only some of them and let the rest grow into ferns to replenish the roots for the following year. I give them a little fertilizer every spring and surround them with hay to keep the weeds down. If I cover the emerging stalks and don’t let them get any sun then I get white asparagus

  3. From your friend Carol (aka “black thumb”) I sure do admire your skills in the garden. The pictures are incredible! I’ll never forget the size of your basil plant when I was down visiting a couple years ago, it was like a shrub! Miss you mama…Hugs xoxo
    PS: we took Tommy strawberry picking at Lyman Orchards, he too loved popping the sweet red “jewels” into his little mouth! So cute!

    • Very different than my garden in CT. Everything grows like weeds here and with less effort. Still I am feeling my age. So glad you had fun strawberry picking with your gran-babies ❤️

  4. I knew your gardens would be beautiful! You are so talented… did not know anything about asparagus… . I’d love to see the tall fern like growth at its peak! Very cool

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