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Continuing to move through this month with some Good Grief activities to take my mind off things I invited my husband to join me in taking a food judges’ class sponsored by the Steak Cookoff Association. Bill is my chief taste tester and having him always support my cooking adventures and antics with enthusiasm has been a blessing. Driving 2 1/2 hours to the western part of the state would take us through Harrisburg which sparked a brilliant thought to visit an on-line cheese shop known as Revittle.


Revittle came to my attention through a “Best of” Philadelphia Magazine food piece. The article highlighted the best pizza in America made with a Pennsylvania sourced gouda cheese and a cheesesteak made “wit” another local farmer’s cheese. Always looking to try the best of anything in and around here I learned these artisan cheeses are only available through Revittle whose address just happens to be Harrisburg. I was hoping they had a brick and mortar store where I could sample and buy.


Otterbein Acres Shepherd’s Delight

An email exchange with the owner, Mark Zimmerman, revealed no physical store, but he enthusiastically invited Bill and I to his beautiful office in an old historic building on the river to sample some cheese and cured meats along with his business partner, Tim Pianka. While all the bites were quite delicious, Shepherd’s Delight was hands-down my favorite. How could one not love a cheese whose shepherd grazes his sheep only on the youngest grass? What a labor of love herding the animals from acre to acre seeking that green sweetness. Well aged, salty and sweet this Tomme style cheese is totally addicting.


Food people are the most welcoming generous kind. Bill and I quickly felt at home with Mark and Tim as they relayed the story of how Revittle came about. Each bite of their delicious products included interesting tid-bits of their close-knit relationships with local farmers and chefs. Sharing with us was a real gift.

“Revittle was started on the principle of working with the best artisanal producers. Let us introduce you to the families who take pride in the quality of their products. Together, we put healthy, regionally produced foods and wines on your table.”


Cheese boards and charcuterie seem all the rage these days. Whether offered as an appetizer or a dessert who doesn’t love an array of farm fresh goodness accompanied by sweet and tangy condiments and crispy crackers? Arranging a cheese board is an art I have yet to master, but that won’t stop me from enjoying the delightful contrasts in tastes and textures and layers of flavors offered from local farmers.

As luck would have it Bill and I were invited to visit and sample an Ah-mazing line up of award winning Pennsylvania farm cheeses and Charcutiere/ Cured Meats with Mark and Tim. We are friends now and I have nothing, but gratitude for our chance meeting. Check out Revittle on their web site to see their array of locally sourced and might I add reasonably priced products. Bonus: use the promo code GOODGRIEFCOOK to receive 20% off your purchase. I gain nothing from your purchase. I’m just here to tell you about great products from really nice people.

oops forgot to mention….if anyone wants to buy and share that 11 pound Gigi brand whole prosciutto…I am in!

16 thoughts on “A Visit with Revittle

  1. I could live off a cheese board with a fabulous glass of wine! We are lucky enough to have an excellent cheese shop just a short walk from the house. It’s always fun to arrange local cheeses, meats, condiments, etc. Sampling local cheeses when we travel is one of my favorite things to do. You have been in my thoughts. ❤️

    • And you in mine. I did a podcast last week and talked a bit about you and your boy.

      You are so lucky to have a real cheese shop nearby. Any favorites from MA farms?

  2. That was a story that gives me renewed faith in humanity. I will have to get some of that cheese with the discount. Keep your spirits up.

    • You will not be disappointed! I just placed an order of 4 selections from the Clover Creek Cheese Cellar wanting to try the cheese featured on the best pizza in America. Next time I will try the buttercup from Hidden Hills Dairy.

      These farmers care deeply about their work and cut no corners to bring the very best products forward. It’s all hands on with great care of the land and animals.

    • My husband is such a good sport with my cooking adventures. He truly does enjoy the places we have been and the people we meet. We have seen this beautiful country and its hard-working folks from the ground up all because of a recipe. Very grateful.

  3. These guys seem like smart business owners. Sounds like a beautiful relationship has formed!

    • I love knowing where my food comes from and how smart these farmers are. They know food and farm science based on their “on the job” trial and error. No additives. Just time honored practices handed down from 1 generation to the next.

      Mark and Tim are the kind of guys who adore black labs and fire up a pizza oven in the backyard for all the neighbors to use.

  4. Love the “rage”! In fact, I am having a cheese & charcuterie board for a lunch with a few friends this Wednesday. Love doing them.

    • I’d love to see a photo of your board. What I really love about them is all the food groups are represented 🙂

      • I will take a photo; however, I made one last year for a dinner I hosted for a friend’s 80th birthday. I had first experienced one with my daughter when I visited the fall after Paul passed away. I couldn’t wait to try one.
        However, I don’t know how to post a photo here. Not sure if it will show up.

  5. That looks absolutely wonderful. What a great experience you had and hopefully more to come! I will definitely check out their website.

    • If you are a lover of fine food and supporter of farm to table you will love the products from Revittle

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