Kitchen Prayer & Quick Irish Soda Bread


It’s been 2521 days since I lost my son. It’s been nearly that long since I have been able to pray. Unanswered prayers asking to keep my kids safe just set me off onto a negative path. Crazy mad at God doesn’t accurately describe the feeling of losing my son in a senseless accident, but when a wise and faithful friend named Angie wrote on her FB page “faith does not protect us from our sorrow, but prayer will hold you up” it hit me. I’ve been angry too long and it is of no use. In fact the anger is a complete waste of energy that could be better spent in meditation. Putting spirituality back into my life has been a fine turning point. I thank my friends, Kare, Rebecka, Mark, Hilary and my cousin Carol who have gently nudged me forward to believe that life is better with a higher power in it. How about you?


You know what else makes life better? Recipe videos. That’s right. If you are a visual learner as I am cookbook photos and on-line videos make cooking and baking so much easier. Today I feature a re-do of this Irish Soda Bread blog from 2016. Click on that link to get the written recipe, turn up the volume and sit back and enjoy the show.


Are you serving a corned beef and cabbage dinner or Beef Stew? This Irish soda bread will go great beside either. If you like Guinness check out my beef stew and boxty recipe here.  Happy St. Patrick’s, happy week, happy delicious day in the kitchen with your family.


23 thoughts on “Kitchen Prayer & Quick Irish Soda Bread

  1. I do believe life is better with a higher power in it too and I’m glad it has helped you. What a fun video! And that precious face! I want to squeeze those cheeks 🙂

    • Oh Yay you are here! You are such a foodie inspiration and thanks for helping me learn some of this social media stuff. ❤

  2. Sometimes when I read your posts, I can’t help but be reminded that we are all somehow connected. I am not overtly religious, but I raised my children in the Catholic Church as I had been. (My disagreements with any organized faith not withstanding ) Yesterday, I spent the day at a retreat for grieving parents run by a group of Catholic parents. It is open to people of all faiths who have lost a child. This is the fourth one I’ve been to since Aidan died. Although I have not had a religious epiphany that somehow has miraculously made my grief disappear, I leave each time exhausted from the tears, but filled with a sense of peace and tranquility that I haven’t found anywhere else. It really is a time to be with your child and if you choose, God. So yes, I agree, life us better with a higher power. I was told but an incredibly compassionate Friar “Be angry at God. It’s okay. He is there to take that anger because He can take it.” Those words made me a lot less angry. ♥️

    • I, too, was raised Catholic with the fear of God a most memorable lesson. I never wanted my children to feel that fear, so chose to raise them in a more welcoming Congregational church where love rather than fear was taught. I think I always felt that if I was faithful I would be protected. It is the way I was taught in those early years and it is so very wrong. Through the faith of others who have learned so much better than me I now believe God does not protect us from anything, but can be there when we need support. That’s a loving higher power.

      Nothing will ever make our grief disappear; we take that to our own graves. Being with Aiden at the retreat is a spiritual experience that I believe is priceless. I am certain he surrounds you and holds you through all those tears and thus that peaceful feeling we so desperately crave.

      Yes, God can handle the anger, but at this point in my grief, I no longer believe he deserves it. Peace to you always my dear Krista

  3. Losing a child, no matter the age or circumstance changes who you are to your core. Recovery is an individual journey of no specific duration but arriving at a place of . . . I can’t even think of the right word, understanding? Is a good turning point. I was raised a Methodist and too was angry at God and found it difficult to attend the church I attended my entire life. 10 years after Jeffrey died my youngest son Andrew was born and I believe God sent me signs that I couldn’t refute. The healing began. Hugs to you Lisa and I can’t get enough of that delightful Miss A!
    On the cooking side, your Irish Soda Bread is the best I’ve ever had and I will be making it again this week! 💙

    • I thought of you the whole time I was creating the video as I am so grateful that you like this recipe and to call you friend. You inspire me in so many ways.

    • You know what inspires me, Martine? A mother like you who is always there to support her child. We need more moms and dads to do just that.

  4. LIsa, once again, I weep as I read your words. The grief is evident, yes, but so is your great strength and courage in dealing with such an unfathomable loss. For those of us that have not had that unspeakable tragedy in our lives, we can only lend our support, love and prayers, as we cannot begin to imagine the depths of that despair. We are encouraged to know that hope provides more light in each new day, even though it may often seem miniscule. Know this Oklahoma girl admires you more than you will ever know!

    • I don’t mean to make you cry or even feel sorry for me. I am happy that you simply joined in on the conversation that no one ever wants to talk about. It’s kindness like yours that makes the world a much better place to live in and I am so very grateful for you being in mine. I think those who are grieving need to be surrounded by those that love most and that is someone like you.

  5. You are so eloquent Lisa…you have such a knack for putting yourself “out there” with your grief. Your words have inspired so many, including myself. I know from all of your “Woosh” moments that William is never too far from you, and that in itself gives me hope that God is around to hand out snippets of relief and comfort when we need it most. I miss your boy every day and wish you all of God’s grace. xoxo
    PS: this Irish Soda Bread looks so darn good, I’ll give it a go this week. Love the whiskey soaked raisins! Great video BTW!

    • Talk about a through thick and thin kind of friend.. I hold you up there on a pedestal of perfect. I can never repay you ever for taking care of me while grieving the loss yourself. Every griever needs a friend like you to hold them up. I hope you like the bread and add a little extra spirit if you like. And thanks for the encouragement on the video….I was afraid it was maybe too long.

  6. Lisa……you are one of the loveliest, sweetest, most talented people I know. I understand that your grief is always with you so I’m glad that you have so much happiness in your life. You will always grieve for the loss of your precious son, but I know he is proud that you find so much fulfillment in your life and that you are a happy person. Your little jelly bean is such a sweetie!!!!! Grand kids do make life so happy and special!!! And your soda bread recipe looks like one that I should try! My family is coming over on St.Patrick’s Day next Saturday! I should include it in my dinner menu! Thanks for sharing!!!! ❤

    • It was my daughter’s wedding that was the true first sign that I could be happy again, but the birth of Annabelle is like no happiness I have ever known. She is the sun, the moon and the stars and I know a true sign that God loves me and all mothers. To know the sorrow makes one appreciate the happiness so much more.

  7. I have to agree with Angie, our faith does not protect us from sorrow! Finding peace in Gods love and presence has been such a comfort in my life but not an easy path especially when loss of loved ones is involved. I would be angry too and with good reason! The good news, I know that our God can handle all our our anger, sorrow, and broken hearteedness and that He is loving and patient beyond our human imagining.

    I’m blessed to call you friend❤️

    As for me and my family, we will be eating a mess of Irish beef stew for St Patrick’s Day and I will be making your delicious Irish Soda Bread to sop up all the delicious juices!

    Love you to the moon and back!!

    • There is nothing I can say to you that you don’t already know. You sat next to me on that bus that day for a reason that God only knows. Did you know he had you on a mission?

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