The Heart Knows


In the spirit of Christmas I want to wish each and every one of you my heart-felt gratitude for following my grief journey. You have not only held me in the palm of your hand, but so many others like me who have lost a child.


Not only that you have shared your amazing talents.


So much talent and so uplifting.


Your kindness and generosity has been more than appreciated.


I can never thank you enough for your gifts.


For those who are grieving. May you find peace in your heart this holiday season.


May you be surrounded by those you love most.

fullsizeoutput_5191 May you just believe you are never alone


May your heart be full with knowing there is always an angel on your shoulder


May your heart know gratitude


18 thoughts on “The Heart Knows

    • He sure did have a big beautiful heart. I suppose that is why he appears that way to me in a whoosh moment. He is only 1 of two who grew listening to the beat of my heart…sigh…just a mom moment and maybe why it is so difficult to separate myself ❤

  1. What you have done for others is immeasurable. I’m so blessed to call you my friend and your continued relationship with Will is a constant source of wonder and confirmation that love never dies. ❤️💙

    • We will never forget them. We will continue to celebrate them and we will keep the love alive for them and others. You and I! ❤

  2. Excited to make a batch of Sweet William’s Spirited Chocolate Chip Cookies again this holiday season to share with my family ❤

  3. I love seeing your collection of hearts! You always write beautiful, sweet, inspiring sentiments. It’s a very difficult time of year for many of us. But, you are a role model, Lisa! I’m know that this is not a path of choice, but you are travelling it with grace. XOXO

  4. Never in a million did I think this would be my path. I suspect it is the injustice of it all that makes me more vocal than I normally would be. I do try to put my most gracious self forward, but as you know its not aways easy. We do what we do to honor our sons. I love your heart.

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