He Wore Many Hats


Throughout his life William loved to wear a hat. From a Davy Crockett coonskin to a Stetson to a variety of helmets and caps he sure didn’t mind messing up his hair. From time to time I sit quietly holding a few of his hats. I love them.


I close my eyes running my fingers over the seams and emblems hoping a few memories will send my heart soaring like the eagle offering courage to face, yet, another day without him.


Be a trooper. Be strong. Have courage. March forward.


9 thoughts on “He Wore Many Hats

    • I thought it important to preserve his military hats in photos. Do you ever sit in a room with your son’s things? Quiet time with him is more of a good 😊 thing than sad.

  1. Lisa, your words always bring me to tears! I feel the deep sadness and agony you bear in what you share, but those very personal snippets of your life are also incredibly inspiring for me and so many others. I am thrilled and truly honored to have you as my friend.

    • If nothing else I hope I show others it is possible to move forward and thrive. You are most dear to me my friend. ❤️

  2. Lisa, I know how hard it is for you! I don’t know how you bare this weight with such grace. You are an inspiration to me, and you help me to understand that we will get through another day.

    • Marcie you are stronger than you think and while in your presence have felt nothing, but grace. The truth is we know how to put on a great show to make others comfortable. We are lucky that folks want to surround us with love and support. Keep celebrating your Harrison and let the whole world know what a kind, talented and much loved human he was and is. ❤

  3. I love to sit with Aidan’s things. Kyle, Molly and I still wear many of his favorite clothes. Yesterday, I got to enjoy my neighbor’s kids playing with his Legos. It’s nice to have his things with us everyday. Not a shrine, but used and loved. ❤️

    • It’s like a warm hug whenever I put on William’s sweatshirt and I bet you feel the same sense of joy

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