Old Memories Inspire New Recipes

Instead of springing forward today I am falling back to 3 years ago when I shared this post. The truth is there are only 2 St. Patrick’s Day recipes in my arsenal and this happens to be my favorite. Boxty and beef stew is a delicious option when not in the mood for corned beef and cabbage….nobody really likes the cabbage or boiled bland potatoes, so give boxty a try.

Good Grief Cook

Guinness Beef Stew Boxty Guinness Beef Stew Boxty

A time will come when the memory will fade like the fabric on the old wing chair sitting in the sunny window. Memories are all we have. Blogging is a way of preserving those memories. It took me by surprise when some old memories of William inspired last night’s dinner. The memories are happy and the food is comforting like a warm hug from someone well-loved.

Will & cousin Alexis-I need a Will & cousin Alexis-I need a “love” button

In 2009 while attending a medical conference in San Diego I spent several days with William as he was stationed there and working at the US Naval Hospital, Balboa. We shared some fun adventures as he showed me all his favorite spots including “The Market” on the pier and the Irish pub known as “The Field” in the gas lamp district. The raw bar guy at the Market knew him by name.

we also got to visit with cousin Alexis visiting…

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2 thoughts on “Old Memories Inspire New Recipes

  1. When Tyler was getting ready for his deployment to Afghanistan in 2011, we went to see him in San Diego in July before he shipped out. William’s passing was weighing heavy on our hearts so of course we made sure we went to The Field to have some boxty beef stew and a shot of Jack Daniels in honor of him. I’ll never forget that trip. (The stew was delicious btw…Willliam sure knew what was good to eat!)

    • thats a wonderful memory and thankful you were able to enjoy a little bit of William at his favorite restaurant….hope to get back there some day

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