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I am back after some much needed private time mostly spent in the garden and anticipating the birth of my grand-daughter. She is due in about 3 weeks.  What do you think of my grandma name, ” KiKi” (pronounced key-key)? Makes sense since my last name is Keys. Right? Anyway, the new life that springs from the dirt in my yard absolutely rejuvenates me, so I can’t even imagine what I will be like with a grandchild. I hope she will like to garden and grill with KiKi. Can’t you just hear her little voice saying, “mom, let’s go to KiKi’s house.”


Japanese Primrose about to bloom

It’s May. The sun is shining and it’s time to get a pedicure, some new sunglasses and fire up the grill. Did you know that May is National Burger Month? While you are pouring yourself a cool beverage let me show you just how easy and delicious a burger can be compliments of The Kansas City Steak Company. Yes, they sent me free burgers, but opinions are mine….all mine.


Today, I am writing about The Kansas City Steak Company Steakburgers. You may remember me telling you about this mail order company after my return from the Food Fight Write Blogger Summit and World Food Championships (WFC) last November. Back then I competed in a food blogger competition grilling up the company’s tender filet mignon and then cooked their flavorful ribeye steaks to create my winning sandwich at the WFC.


Smokehouse Steak Sandwich


When the company offered me a chance to try their steakburgers it was husband (grandpa) that was all in this time. He’s such a carnivore. Anyway, 1 dozen steakburgers arrived, well packed and frozen with dry ice. Each vacuumed sealed package contained 2 (4.5 oz each) patties separated by a square of wax paper. Also included was a pack of steak seasoning, a recipe pamphlet and a steakburger preparation card. Did I say easy?


The patties can be cooked from frozen which makes them quite convenient for a last minute meal option, but since I had time I chose to thaw them overnight in the refrigerator. As per the instructions I seared the patties for 1 minute per side on a smoking hot grill and then I transferred them over to the cool side of the grill (indirect heat) for another 6 minutes per side.


This method of grilling works well as my burgers were fully cooked to an internal temperature of 160F. and perfectly juicy. Going forward I will cook all my burgers this way. As far as flavor, I did season the 100% beef burgers, just prior to grilling, liberally with the accompanying steak seasoning and found them deliciously salted with a little peppery-garlic kick. A toasted bun, a little lettuce and a squirt of jalapeño ketchup completed the picture.


What are you paying for ground beef these days? Around here it’s anywhere between $3 to $4.00 per pound, so these premium steakburgers are a comparable value except that they are delivered right to your door and ready to cook whenever you are in the mood for a perfectly juicy and flavorful burger. Need more incentive to order? Go to the web site and order anything you want up until June 30, 2016 and use the code 25FREE and get a whopping $25.00 off your order plus free shipping. Stock up! so you can shop and cook less and play with your children and grandchildren more. Happy Mother’s Day.


Here is a recipe for my signature french fries. They are sliced super thin (julienne), chilled in water and then deep fried until golden brown. If you like a crispy burger topper or side these are the fries for you.


Crispy Potato Strings

1 russet potato, thin julienne

Smoked salt

Canola oil for frying

Soak potatoes in cold water for at least 15 minutes; rinse and pat dry. Fry potato strings in 350F hot oil for 1 minute or until golden brown and crisp. Drain on paper towel; sprinkle immediately with salt


P.S. Moving forward I hope to keep up with you and the blog at least on a monthly basis because I honestly love sharing my recipes and snippets of other good things with you.

20 thoughts on “Babies & Burgers

  1. Just monthly??? No way. I think I can speak for others that we want more of you then that! Happy Mothers Day 💕 KiKi. I love it!!!

  2. That plant you feature will produce a million seedlings. So they will rapidly fill in a wet, shady spot. You will have plenty to give to friends. I will start cooking my burgers that way to see how it works. JJ

    • The Japanese Primrose is the prettiest flower in the garden right now. I look forward to it multiplying like rabbits. You should take full advantage of the Kansas City Steak offer and let me know how your burgers turn out.

  3. I love KiKi! When my daughter was just a little munchkin, that was her word for cookie. She always said it with such happiness, so it conjures up a warm feeling for me. I hope you’ll share photos with us when she arrives. By the way, your burger looks delicious.

    • Now I am totally sold on the name. Maybe I should write a book called KiKi’s Cookies—you and I together!

  4. Lookin’ good, Kiki! That KC Steak beef is pretty super stuff. Glad you found a “formula” for perfect medium rare burgers.

  5. Kiki suits you very well, Lisa! This is such an exciting time for your family. Big huge congratulations, and I look forward to seeing many pictures of your little bundle of joy!!!!!!

  6. I am so happy for you Lisa as you become a Grandmother! Thank you for your beautiful blog that always inspires! Anita Urbanski

    • Thank you, Anita, as always you are so kind. I am ever so grateful for every bit of kindness and joy that comes my way. I think this grandma experience is going to knock it out of the park.

  7. So excited and happy to hear Caitlyn is having a baby girl!! I became a ‘nana’ in January, and it is the best thing ever – (my sister Karen took the name KiKi, but I love it!).

    • And here I thought I was being so original–it’s a cute name and I like Nana, too. Congratulations to you and Heather! What’s the baby’s name? Very exciting.

  8. ‘Kiki’ is perfect – love it! (I’m a Mimi 😉) Can’t wait for you to join the SFG (Sisterhood of the Fierce Grandmothers.) It’s a precious blessing greater than anything you could ever imagine. 😊

  9. ‘Kiki’ is an adorable name, but i must warn you- you may get saddled with whatever your little one chooses to call you. It happened to me, in fact, my five year old grandson calls me Mimi, which happens to be the same 1st name of my ex-husband’s wife!😄I really have no quams about him calling me ‘Mimi’, because he picked it out himself! I originally wanted to be ‘Gigi’, but I love the fact that he named me- so to speak! Congratulations💗🎉

    • Many have said the same so whether I be KiKi or whatever name baby girl chooses it’s all good

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