Brushed By An Angel’s Wing & Bread

smokehouse cranberry cheese bread

smokehouse cranberry cheese bread

This week I believe I was brushed by an angel’s wing; one belonging to my dear, sweet mother in law, Renetta. Monday was her birthday and on that day the finalists in the 2015 National Festival of Breads was announced. And, yes, yours truly is among them. It’s an honor. What touches my heart about this whole thing is not so much that I won, but that the recipe I created for this contest was actually inspired by Renetta and days spent visiting her in Vermont. Is it just coincidence or is it Renetta continuing to comfort me? Are there angels among us? What’s your story?

William & Grandma Keys

William & Grandma Keys

Renetta was a fabulous and very health conscious cook. She was the first to teach me the importance of buying local in support of the farming community. One of my favorite memories is taking a ride with her and the kids to the smokehouse and sugar shack. There we would sample and buy the farmer’s smoked cheeses (the kind dipped in red and white wax). The smoked cheddar and gouda were delicious whether she was slicing it up for a sandwich on her homemade bread or grating it into her mac n’cheese. smoked cheeseAnd what a treat for my kids to experience the collection and boiling down of sap into maple syrup at the sugar shack. We all looked forward to Grandma’s famous “Vermont Sundae”, vanilla ice cream with warm, just harvested, real maple syrup poured over the top. Drool worthy memories! I am grateful for them and for the inspiration they provide for my award winning recipes today. Can’t go wrong cooking from your heart. Renetta would be happy and proud and I am not surprised that she is still watching over me. Still miss her very much.

I cannot share my bread recipe with you just yet, but here is the official announcement from the National Festival of Breads including yummy photos of all the other winners.

10 thoughts on “Brushed By An Angel’s Wing & Bread

  1. Lovely story as always, Lisa! I’m also thrilled to be a finalist at the Festival Of Breads! We will all have a fantastic time together!!!!!!

  2. “Is it just coincidence or is it Renetta continuing to comfort me? Are there angels among us? What’s your story?”
    Surely there are angels among us, Lisa. The gift is to be open to the possibility. And with Grace, by Grace and in Grace you are open to the gift ❤

  3. You know how I feel about our Guardian Angels! No coincidence at all. I wish everyone could feel as comforted by GA’s as you and I do by ours. I just know they tag team us from up there 🙂 And they most certainly inspire us. Great description of your Vermont visits.

  4. It is wonderful to know that others feel the same–makes me feel less crazy sometimes. Glad my brain can still retrieve the memories. Every time I see a coin on the ground I think of you and your mom and those pennies from heaven.

  5. Kudos on reaching the finals. It sounds like a fun trip to Kansas and, if you win it all, I hope you don’t go wild with all that yeast. I’m quite sure you will be the first Matino/Keys to set foot in Kansas.

    • Thank you! I am very excited to go to Kansas and learn all about wheat harvesting. Dad may have stepped foot in KS–didn’t he hitch-hike across the country when he was a teenager?

  6. Congratulations Lisa, you never cease to amaze! You may need some Ruby slippers, what would Renetta think about that?

    • Thanks Wendy. Well, of course there is no place like home, but I think a visit to Kansas will be a whole lot of fun.

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