Never Forget: the Dog Gets Gifts, Too

Grain Free Dog Biscuits

Grain Free Dog Biscuits…heart shaped of course

Since William died I have a few irrational fears. One of which is that friends and family and even myself, as I age, will forget him. To help alleviate that fear, shortly after he died, I wrote a photo book about him from the time he was in high school up until the time he died. A few copies were printed and given, as gifts to those I knew would keep him safe in their hearts. It felt good to document those years. This blog is simply an extension of that book and I hope I never forget that.

My book: Gone Too Soon Forever In Our Hearts

My book: Gone Too Soon Forever In Our Hearts

Recently, a few friends have lost their beloved dogs. While I would never compare the loss of a person to that of a pet I can without a doubt say that the death of a much-loved pet is heart wrenching. It is sad and requires grieving. For some it is like losing an important member of the family. It brought to mind a “Will Story”.

Baby Will & Colleen

Baby Will & Colleen

One of the more touching “Will stories” has to do with his love and loss of our first dog, Colleen. Colleen came into our lives as a puppy when Will was just 16 months old. The two little tykes quickly bonded and grew up together rather inseparable. Doesn’t every boy just love his dog? Fast-forward 15 years and the price one pays for the love of a good pet is suddenly realized. Colleen is too old to fetch one more tennis ball and too sick for one more swim in Lake Elise. It is decision time. We waited for William to give the okay. It was important for him to be ready to say, “good-bye”. And as always the boy had a plan.

Go fetch

Go fetch

He wrapped her in his baby blanket and carried her into the Vet’s office. He took off his U.S. Navy St. Christopher medal and placed it lovingly around her neck. He gathered her one last time into his arms and gave the Vet a nod. I will never forget the tearful scene or the boy who whispered, “we will see each other again.”

Cait, Will & Colleen

Cait, Will & Colleen

she got her name 'cause she was half Irish setter

Named Colleen ’cause she was half Irish setter

I just bet every pet lover out there has a Christmas stocking with their Pet’s name on it. Look what Deacon is getting in hers. Good thing she hasn’t been too naughty.

a gift from the heart is always welcome

a gift from the heart is always welcome

Deacon's Grain Free Dog Biscuits

3/4 cup buckwheat flour (did you know that buckwheat is actually a fruit seed related to rhubarb—me neither, but it is true)

1/2 cup almond flour

1/4 cup canned pumpkin

1 egg

1 tablespoon peanut butter

Mix all the ingredients together adding more buckwheat flour if too sticky. Roll out on a flour dusted board to 1/4-inch thickness. Cut into desired shapes with cookie cutters. Bake on a parchment lined cookie sheet at 300F for 30 minutes.

ho ho ho...Deacon the Dog

ho ho ho…Deacon the Dog

tested and approved by all my furry friends

tested and approved by all my furry friends

11 thoughts on “Never Forget: the Dog Gets Gifts, Too

  1. As usual I cried when I read this blog, We’ll make those Cookies for Coops, even if he is naughty! ttys. Love, Bev

    • Sorry to make you cry–it can’t be helped…but watching Cooper eat these cookies will make you grin–it is a yin-yang thing

  2. Our pups are such an extension of ourselves…they just “know”. How awesome of you to recognize in your blog the importance of these members of our families. My Sammy brings joy to his “mommy” and “daddy” every day of our lives. And I know I do not have to explain that to you! Peace and Hope…

    • I cannot get over how much we love our dogs…so faithful and protective and always a tail a wagging. You and Bev should come visit!

  3. A perfect post as Christmas is a time for reflection and remembrance of the loves we have lost as well as the joy’s of today and our hopes of the future. Peace to you my friend. I’m getting my dog cookie cutters from the drawer right now.

    • As you know dogs are such a significant part of our families…we love them like people and always keep them safe in our hearts…PS-thank you for the yummie cashews

  4. I love reading about your memories of William. My own son has so much in common with him. We just said good bye to our dog and my thirteen year old son was the one who went to the vet with my husband and decided it was time. Great doggie biscuits. I have never made them before and I didn’t realize dogs would eat pumpkin. We will have another dog in the future and I think I will try making these. As always, I love reading your touching stories!

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