Freedom Isn’t Free

the boys at shirgazay

the boys at shirgazay

My guess is that some of our overseas military are not having as much fun as we are today.  We are enjoying our freedom to eat and drink whatever we want. We can choose to jump in the pool or stretch out in a hammock. Or maybe we are fishing off the dock or burying our painted toes in the sand. Where ever we are or whatever we are doing we have our military to thank. These folks have a tough job and my plee to you today is to thank them.


If you are thankful for your freedom then please consider sending a care package to a marine or sailor. My son was once part of Weapons Company. These guys are amazing and still in Afghanistan. Here is an address. Go fill a flat rate box with ramen and tuna and magazines and granola and whatever you think and can afford….include a love note from home. Thank you for the support.

Any Marine

Weapons Co 2nd PLT

1st Bn, 2D Marines

Unit 13995

FPO, AE 09510-3995

8 thoughts on “Freedom Isn’t Free

  1. Tks Lisa. Forwarded address to my contacts. Hopefully the guys will receive many packages. God bless our troops.

  2. Lisa, dear, in memory of my Dad and Brother and your beloved son it will be my honor to send a package to “A Very Special Marine” tomorrow.

    My Dad, a former Army Colonel, wrote every week to a neighborhood boy who served in Viet Nam for several tours of duty as a Marine.

    Sending you a gentle hug on this day of remembrance and thanks for all loved ones sacrifices.

    God Bless, Ann

    • I thank you and your family for their service. I am so very sorry that you lost your brother. Your dad was the best of the best!!

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