Saucy Mama’s Island Hopping Burger & A Give Away

Saucy Mama Island Hopping Burger

Saucy Mama’s Island Hopping Burger

When Saucy Mama of  Barhyte Specialty Foods, Inc. put out the call to bloggers to create new recipes using their sauces, dressings and marinades for the chance to win a spot at the World Food Championships I jumped right in. First of all, the company sent me an assortment of their delicious products (yes-I tried them all).  Second of all, one of my lucky readers will win an assortment of wing sauces; such a generous win-win for everybody.

Make Every Meal Extraordinary is Saucy Mama’s philosophy and these products make it easy. They are so flavorful that a recipe needs little else to highlight the fresh ingredients. Inspired by the Orange Habanero Wing Sauce, the Jamaican Jerk Wing Sauce, The Hot Wing Sauce and the Honey Dijon Dressing…and this gorgeous weather (finally) grilling burgers just seemed right. Specifically, Saucy Mama’s Island Hopping Burgers.IMG_1707

This lip-smacking recipe cooks up quickly once you assemble your ingredients and prepare them for the grill. It’s a giant burger with some bold spicy-sweet flavor that will have you longing for some sand between your toes and a cool drink in your hand.

ready to grill

ready to grill

Tropical Honey Dijon Dressing

Tropical Honey Dijon Dressing

Saucy Mama’s Island Hopping Burger

4 large shrimp, shelled, deveined

2 tablespoons Saucy Mama Hot Wing Sauce

1/3-cup mayonnaise

1 tablespoon Saucy Mama Honey Dijon Dressing

¼ cup small dice fresh mango

¼ cup crushed, well-drained canned pineapple

3 tablespoons chopped cilantro

¾- pound ground pork

¼ cup plus 2 tablespoons Saucy Mama Jamaican Jerk Wing Sauce, divided

¼ cup chopped green onions

4 tablespoons panko bread crumbs, divided

1 teaspoon kosher salt, divided

¾-pound ground chicken

¼ cup plus 2 tablespoons Saucy Mama Orange Habanero Wing Sauce, divided

vegetable oil for greasing grill rack

4 chunks fresh pineapple

1 sweet onion, cut into ½-inch slices

4 brioche hamburger buns, sliced horizontally into 3 layers

4 leaves fresh butter lettuce

Heat grill to medium-high. Soak 4 (6-inch) wooden skewers in water. In small bowl, toss shrimp with Hot Wing sauce; set aside. In small bowl, stir mayonnaise, Honey Dijon Dressing, mango, crushed pineapple and 1-tablespoon cilantro until well-mixed; set Tropical Honey Dijon Dressing aside. In medium bowl, combine pork, ¼ cup Jamaican Jerk Wing sauce, green onions, 2 tablespoons panko and ½ teaspoon of salt; mix well. Dip hands in cool water; with damp hands shape pork mixture into 4 (4-inch) patties. In same bowl, combine chicken, ¼ cup Orange Habanero Wing Sauce, remaining panko, cilantro and salt; mix well. With wet hands shape chicken mixture into 4 (4-inch) patties. Thread 1 pineapple chunk and 1 shrimp on each skewer. Brush grill rack with oil. Place pork and chicken patties on rack. Cook, turning once, 3 to 5 minutes on each side, or until just cooked through, brushing the pork patties with remaining Jerk sauce and chicken patties with remaining Orange Habanero sauce after turning. While the patties are grilling, place the onion slices and shrimp-pineapple skewers on grill rack; cook 2 to 3 minutes per side or until the onions are crisp tender and the shrimp are pink and just cooked through. During the last few minutes of cooking time, place the rolls, cut side down, on outer edges of grill rack to toast lightly.

To assemble the burgers divide the tropical dressing into 8 portions. On each roll bottom spread 1 portion of dressing, 1 lettuce leaf and 1 pork patty. Top the pork patty with the middle layer of toasted bun, another portion of dressing, a chicken patty and some grilled onions. Add the roll tops. Press the shrimp-pineapple skewer through the top of the burger.


Now for the give away. Simply leave a comment on which Saucy Mama product you are most eager to taste (believe me I know you want them all). In 10 days (May 15) I will choose one random winner who will win a 3 bottle assortment of yummy wing sauces. Meanwhile, do yourself a favor and join Saucy Mama on Facebook and Twitter. Surround yourself with their generosity of spirit.

41 thoughts on “Saucy Mama’s Island Hopping Burger & A Give Away

  1. Looks yummy Lisa! Love the Island flair! Defiantly would like to try them all but if I had to choose I would go with Honey Mustard. I love honey mustard anything.

  2. Honey mustard and hot wing sauce for a tie! They all look delish!

  3. Orange Habanero Wing Sauce… Right upy alley! Your burger looks outrageously great!

  4. Yum! I would love to try these! The orange habanero sauce looks very interesting. My friends and I are getting together and all watching Chopped tomorrow to see you! So exciting!

    • You chose well my sweet grasshopper!! The orange habanero wing sauce is super delicious with just the right amount of sweet heat.

  5. Hmmm…they all sound good. I’d like to try the Honey BBQ sauce first because I tend to lean towards the sweeter flavors. I bet it would be delicious on chicken!

    • Congratulations!!! You won the Saucy Mama Give Away. I need to forward your home address to Saucy Mama and they will mail you the prize package. Can’t wait for you to try them and thanks for your comments.

      • I’m working on a dish with the orange habanero, my fav. Apparently, you knew EXACTLY what you wanted to do. I’m a little all over the place, but doing a test run right now, so far so good. Hey doll, stayin up late to see you on tv. How exciting!

  6. You sold out to Saucey Mama but put down for the bbq sauce. I’ll eat just about anything with bbq sauce on it. Brother JJ.

  7. Orange Habanero sounds really good Lisa! I would love to try them all though! 🙂 Your burger looks delicious!

  8. Add me to the growing list that votes for Orange Habanero. Since Habanero peppers are usually orange in color, I’m not sure if the sauce actually has any orange flavor to it of if they mean they are using orange colored habaneros. Anyway, pick someone else if I win because I already won an awesome prize. Can’t wait to watch Chopped!

    • thanks for stopping by–I think they do make a honey mustard but the sauce in the photo is a Honey Barbecue Wing Sauce

      • Oopsy!!! Maybe it was the Honey Dijon I saw in the picture???? The Honey BBQ Wing sauce would be awesome as well……… at any rate, I’m sure all of their sauces and dressing are top notch! Thanks for this great offer, Lisa!

  9. Hello Lisa, This evening I saw you win on Chopped. You are a truly beautiful person. Today also happens to be the anniversary of my father´s passing 36 years ago. I believe your son´s spirit is with you at all times. There was no doubt he was with you in the competition. Take care, Andy

    • I know how much you miss your dad. Thank you for taking the time to share with me. Please take a moment and read today’s post on my CHOPPED experieince

  10. I too think the orange habanero sounds the most interesting, but they all sound delicious! Congrats on chopped, it was a great episode and you rocked it!

  11. You are one hot, saucy Mama, Lisa! Orange [you glad I’m going for the] Habenero wing sauce?! We’re cooking up bbq for our youngest son’s high school graduation, so maybe we’re Jamaican [our fave] Jerk wings. Haha….

  12. The Orange Habanero sauce sounds delicious! You continue to rock our culinary world with your creativity and wonderful stories/adventures — Thank you for sharing! Bon Appetit, Y’all always…… 🙂 🙂 🙂 ML

  13. I’m not entering the contest for obvious reasons but I had to let you know how good I think this looks. Great use of ingredients Lisa! Good luck!

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