In the Trenches & Asparagus


Korean Beef Salad with Steamed Sesame Asparagus

With a Spring rain the old dirt road on the side of the house quickly transforms into a muddy playground. It can only mean one thing. William is getting down and dirty today. SPLASH. LAUGHTER. Why not? He loved nothing more than getting covered in dirt. Clearly, the filthiest kid on the block, playing in the mud was his version of heaven on earth.


Tyler and William having fun

Obviously being in the trenches of Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom was no picnic, so I can’t help but wonder what my boy was smiling about in this photo. Maybe it is because he is covered in dirt and thinking of days gone by.


In Afghanistan he seemed to make the best of a bad situation. He used his time wisely not only protecting our freedom, but earning the Fleet Marine Force (FMF) Award. Here is a bit of information on the award:

Hospital corpsmen also serve as battlefield corpsmen with the Marine Corps, rendering emergency medical treatment to include initial treatment in a combat environment. Corpsmen who participate in amphibious assaults, are eligible to receive the FMF Combat Operations Insignia. Such Naval personnel are authorized to wear the Marine Corps utility uniform with Navy insignia, and must conform to all physical requirements of the U.S. Marines.

Hospital corpsmen who have received the warfare designator of enlisted fleet marine force warfare specialist are highly trained members of the Hospital Corps who specialize in all aspects of working with the United States Marine Corps operating forces. Attainment of this designation is highly prized among all corpsmen. The enlisted fleet marine force warfare designation for hospital corpsmen is the only US Navy warfare device awarded solely by a US Marine Corps general officer. Obtaining the title of “FMF” is a rigorous procedure and not every hospital corpsman who has been with a Marine Corps unit will wear the FMF warfare device.Keys FMF board

Good things emerge from the trenches….like asparagus. Roasted, grilled or steamed it is my favorite spring vegetable. It’s an acid loving perennial plant that lives in a trench and I was happy to add it to my new garden. Hope to have a bounty next year, but until then it is now fresh and ready for picking at the local market.

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  1. Wait! I just screwed up where I put the comment. I like reading your reminiscenses. Spring is off to a slow start around here. The weather is still wintery. Still frozen, so, no mud yet

    • I think the blog is a great way to insure I never forget the important things in life. We are supposed to get more snow tomorrow.

  2. I remember that you put bleach in the puddles in front of your house so William could play in them and not get germs!

  3. Deacon will provide fertilizer and you’ll have a bumper crop of asparagus next year. 🙂

  4. Yet another “favorite” picture of Tyler and William. There are so many! God, I treasure those pictures!

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